Monday, September 15, 2008


After my four year, painful and costly journey with a personal project - Un Chin Magazine, acting as Editor in Chief and Publisher, and every other title you can possibly think of, my publishing career came to an involuntary hault. I remained in a cave; I was suffering from impecuniosity.(Check out If you have any idea how to cure my illness, you can email me at It's been two years since I entered the hardest autodidactic phase one could ever endure. I've read an excessive amount of blogs and read every book that I felt would help cure me. I've done over 24,000 sketches, painted 785 oils on canvas and drank 18,000 maltas, which has given me kinetosis. I've become a quadrumane. Yes folks, that's how I roll, that is, after picking up “The book of hard words" by David Bramwell. I am a quadrumane, I know this because I continue to run a cleaning company, oh yeah, while heading the animation department at my other company Hiccup Media,( Although I have two healthy set of hands and use my feet as a second pair, I still need some help. Thankfully, I have my brother Suhei E. Veras, my partners in Hiccup Media Michael Cruz, Robert Simone, my animation team, my callipygian queen and wife Celines De Leon-Veras, my two kids Ramon Emilio III and Daniel Emilio, and last but not least Bubbles, my English bulldog pup, who all help keep me sane. So today, the quadrumane comes out of the cave with a preview of my new up and coming animation series, "Soy Mono". You will see Pinchez and Cheli two of the main characters act in a series of eight commercial spots for MTV Tr3's. The spots are being used to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which were originally scheduled to air on MTV Tr3s but Lily Neumeyer, the channel's Executive Director, and all the heads at MTV liked the clips so much they are going to air them on all sister channels of MTV in the U.S. Please tune in.(Hispanic Heritage month begins on September 15 and ends October 15th, yes, it begins in the middle of the month, don't ask...

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